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Auto Basics
LPG Gas Conversions Canberra

Welcome to Auto Basics, your LPG gas conversion experts in Canberra!

All our work is guaranteed and we are specialists in gas conversions for all makes and models.

LPG conversions and maintenance are conducted within the guidelines of our own quality process. This process is a combination of industry best practice and Auto Basics internal procedures.

Our services include:

  • Professional LPG Conversions
  • Servicing & Dynotuning
  • LPG Rego Inspections (ACT) 
  • Cylinder Test Station for 10 Yearly Test
  • Cylinders Tested on Premises
  • Choice of Quality up to Date Equipment
  • Full Manufacturers Warranty on all Parts
Auto Basics

Store Location:

70 Townsville Street
Fyshwick ACT 2609


02 6280 5676  

Phone 2:

02 6280 6075 


02 6280 6093 





LPG Gas Conversions Canberra

Australian Standards AS1425 guarantees safety standards that even exceed those of petrol and diesel engines. Tanks and systems used with LPG are tested at a pressure of 30 bar even though the operating pressure oscillates between 3 and 6 bar. The cylinders must be equipped with a safety device that allows the gradual outlet of fuel to eliminate the risk of explosion.

In fact, the results of crash and fire tests show that in most cases the LPG tank is safer than the petrol tank. Further, to give LPG the space to expand, the tank cannot be filled above 80 per cent of its capacity.

Minimal performance differences.

Very slight increase in the specific consumption compared to petrol (it can change from 10% to 20% according to the engine specifications).

With modern injection systems power loss has virtually become a thing of the past.



Considerable savings: about half the fuel cost compared to petrol, with negligible engine change.

Environmental benefits:  when burned, LPG produces less carbon and nitrogen oxides and unburned hydrocarbons than petrol or diesel oil, without generating any aromatic hydrocarbons or sulphur dioxide. It has about 50 per cent of the ozone-depleting potential of gasoline, which means that the damage factor is reduced by half. Further, the reduced level of particulate emission during combustion implies less smoke, haze and smog in cities.

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Auto Basics
LPG Gas Conversions Canberra
Ph: 02 6280 5676 
Canberra - ACT
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